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10 Chrome Apps and Extensions For Better Time Management

Did you know that Google Chrome is quickly moving at the top ranking of the most popular browsers? It’s quick, simple and clean. Perfect for people who value their time. But that’s not all: there are many extensions and applications for the Chrome browser which can help you manage your time better.

I have collected 10 of them:

1. MindMeister

This is one of the most popular mind mapping applications. It’s useful for creative persons and engineers who need to exchange ideas, plan projects and so on. It’s a Chrome app so installing it simply adds a shortcut to the website. They have very basic free version and paid versions between $5 and $15 per month.

Get MindMeister here

2. Basecamp Time Tracking Management

This is a free Chrome extension but it works with your existing account on Basecamp. Basecamp is one of the most popular project management tools. They also have a very basic free plan and premium plans between $49 and $149 per month.

Get the extension here

3. Time Management Games from Big Fish Games

Time management can be fun. This is a site offering many time management games, and some of them are quite funny. Installing the app will add a bookmark at your browser new tab. All the games are free.

Install the app here.

4. CountDown

CountDown is a free Chrome extension that adds timers to your browser. You can create and run up to 12 coundown and countup timers, sort them, set alarms, make them repeat, and keep them working even when the browser is closeed.

Get this fun extension here.


5. Strict Pomodoro

Another free extension. It helps you enforce the Pomodoro time management technique. It blocks sites that may distract you during your 25 minutes work sessions. Don’t worry, when you are in break session or you switch off the extension, your favorite distracting sites will be back.

Install this extension

6. Chromodoro

Here’s another extension helping you to apply the Pomodoro technique. The extension has some improved options and look compared to other Pomodoro extensions. Essentially it does the same – helps you get more done!

Get Chromodoro here

7. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a Chrome application. It connects to the one of the most popular to-do list apps in the world. Priorities, due dates, repeating to-dos, arrange and share tasks, get email, IM and SMS reminders. And all of this is free.

Install Remember The Milk

8. Yast – The World’s Easiest Time Tracker

Yast is a free online time tracker. They also offer a premium plan for $4 monthly. Lets you share projects and tasks, track time spent, apply click timers and so on. It’s an app so installing it adds a shortcut to Chrome.

Visit Yast Chrome app here

9. ChromoDoro

This looks similar to item 6 but it’s a different extension. Essentially it does the same but seems to have much higher following and looks better. Maybe you’d better try this one.

Install ChromoDoro

10. Multitask

This is a simple browser-based project management software. The link below will take you to a Chrome app. MultiTask has all the features you would expect – task and team managements, time management charts, real-time collaboration, calendars and so on. It’s entirely free.

Get the app here

Already using Chrome? Any other good time management tool for it you know?