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10 Top Investment Podcasts

There are a lot of investment related podcasts available, but it is still rather difficult to find high quality investment related podcasts that will truly build your skills and help you become a better investor.

In this post we have ranked 10 investment podcasts that are bound to raise your game and help you become a better investor.

1. Value Investing Podcast

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This is currently my favourite investment podcast. John Mihaljevic from the manual of ideas and his brother Oliver deliver interviews with some of the most legendary investors in the asset management industry. John is focusing on value investors, but in a very broad sense, inclusive of investors that might otherwise be classified as growth investors, as long as they are driven by the desire to buy businesses below their fair value assessment. Get your notepad out, because every episode is revealing priceless insights into the secrets of successful long term value investing. You can listen in, on itunes via this link.

2. The Investors Podcast

Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen interviews a range of investment authors and billionaires about their investment strategy, and discuss what they have learned from reading some of the classic investment books. The interviews are very frank and the book reviews are extremely useful in getting a quick snapshot of some of the great investment classics before you perhaps decide to dig in yourself. I learn something new and useful from every single episode. Follow along, here.

3. Financial Sense News Hour

This podcast has literally been around for decades, long before investment podcasts was a thing. Jim Puplava and his team interview a variety of financial experts and authors concerning their view on the market. Many of the interviews are behind a pay-wall for premium subscribers, but the weekly big picture updates remain free and provide a wealth of insight and perspective from Jim on current market events and how to position yourself against same. Follow along here.

4. Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel, the author of a range of books on trend following runs his own podcast interviewing some of the smartest investors, traders and entrepreneurs out there. This is a brilliant source of inspiration skewed towards market psychology, and while Covel’s anti-establishment view is sure to ruffle some feathers it is helpful getting an alternative to the mainstream view. Listen in here.

5. The Money Tree Investing Podcast

The podcast episodes are divided into a first segment covering a current investment topic, followed by a panel discussion amongst 4 individual investors with different investment philosophies and opinions. This unusual setup works brilliantly and listening to the panel discussions provides for really interesting perspective and will hopefully help challenge your own assumptions so you can make better decisions. You can listen in here.

6. The Disciplined Investor Podcast

Andy Horowitz provides a weekly podcast with market insights, guest interviews and advice for individual investors. Andy expresses a more nimble trading oriented approach to investing compared to some of the preceding podcasts featured in this list. Listen in right here.

7. Radical Personal Finance

As the name implies this is more of a personal finance podcast by former financial planner Joshua Sheats, but in addition to the financial planning aspects it is also a great source of solid investment advice. Listen in here.

8. Rich Dad Radio Show

Robert Kiyosaki as always provides a contrarian view on what constitutes sound investment advice in this podcast. He invites various investment professionals and business people along on the podcast to share their best advice on how to achieve investment success. Listen in here.

9. Motley Fool Money

The Motley Fool crew provides their perspective on current market events and interviews with investment experts. This is a great source if you want to get up to speed on the latest market chat. Listen to the podcast here.

10. Investors Chronicle

This is a free weekly podcast, produced by the UK investment weekly of the same name, providing some colour on the main stories of the week. It is a great podcast for staying on top of current events, but with more of a European focus. Listen in right here.