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7 Ways To Get Rich Quick: The Problem Solver

Most fellow bloggers will tell you there is no chance to get rich quick, but as usual I beg to differ. You can get rich quick. In the next few weeks or months I’ll share at least seven ways to do it. Will you be able to? It depends. You will not like some of the ways I suggest. I don’t like some too. For others you simply won’t be qualified, just like me. But still, that will be seven opportunities to become seriously rich in short time for you to pick.

So, how rich and how quick are we talking about? Everyone has their own opinion what is rich and what is quick, but let’s say I mean you can become richer than the top of the middle class and do it in less than 5 years. Sounds good? First option comes today:

The Summary

If you want to become rich quick, find the hardest problem you can find and solve it. Make sure it’s a problem that enough people have. You are likely to get rich in few months to few years at most.


What Does It Take

I told you – you are not going to like some of the options. Maybe you won’t like this one. It takes a lot of creativity, learning, hard work, courage, talent and some luck.

Finding the right problem to solve may be equally hard to solving it. Not that there are not enough problems out there, but most people focus on the wrong one. However we are lucky to live in the age of the internet – there are many online tools, forums and blogs where you can look to find what troubles most people.

The Examples

If you need real life examples, just look around you. Find a way to cure cancer and you’ll be rich. Find a way to solve traffic jams and you’ll be rich. Make a search engine that doesn’t suck and you’ll be rich. If you don’t believe, look at Google. They are rich because they made a search engine which sucked less than the others. Make one that sucks less than Google and you will get rich quick.

So in the real world you don’t need to find a completely new problem. You can take a solved one, just solve it better. Your solution doesn’t even need to be brilliant – it’s enough if it sucks less than the existing solutions.

The Downside

The problem with this option is that you may work hard for months and end up nowhere. There are several risks that you are taking:

  • To pick a wrong problem
  • To be unable to solve it no matter how hard you try
  • Someone else could solve it better at the same time or even earlier than you

These are serious risks, but if you really work hard and use your brain, the odds for success are much better than the odds for winning the lottery.

How To Start

One of the best ways to go ahead is to start a startup. It doesn’t need to be IT, but the IT field offers good opportunities which don’t require big startup capital.