A complex signal service for day trading, swing trading and futures

I saw this link on a forum where a guy claimed that earning more than 6% monthly by trading is something normal. I am quite suspicious to such bold claims so I wanted to carefully check it.

SwingTrades really looks good at first (and second) look. It’s a service offering signals for Swing Trading, Day Trading and Futures. There is an additional “Day Limited Trading” offer that is same as the Day Trading signal service with some restrictions (and lower price).

Their trading performance is quite impressive. Since inception (between January 2005 and February 2006 depending on the trading system) they have achieved averagely 31.90% monthly ROI (!!!) with day trading and 8.57% monthly with swing trading. Almost unbelievable.

I badly searched the Web to find some complains that they are scam or anything like that. But nothing, only positive feedback. If you know anything, please let me know – as I said it’s hard to believe anything doing 30% monthly long term.

I’m going to just try this service myself and will keep you updated. If you have time for trading and are ready to risk some bucks (plus the subscription fees), just jump on the gun and Join it