A couple of aggressive mutual funds at your attention

Some time ago I wrote about few Bulgarian mutual funds (Capman for example), but I understand you could have some concerns investing in Bulgaria if you are not familiar with the country.

Have you heard about Pioneer Investments? They are one of the most popular mutual funds company in the world. I am not saying they are the best, not at all. In fact most of their mutual funds don’t perform better than average and their fees are kind of high.

But there are a couple of funds which may catch your attention:

The Great China Equity Fund invests in the fastest growing economy in the world – the Chinese market. The minimum investment is $500 or €500 and the fund is targeting more than 30% yearly yield.

Emerging Markets Equity Fund has the same minimums and invests in Brazil, China, Korea, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Taiwan, Indonesia, India and others. The yield so far has been close to 50% per year.

I would pick the second not only because of the better yield, but also because of the diversification.