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Android Apps Investors Might Find Useful

With the advent of smartphones like the HTC Android camera phones that could be classified as an investment just like a PC or laptop might be, it makes sense to search for apps that will help you get the most from the device. Investment apps are readily available for download, but there are many other types of apps that can be just as helpful although not categorized specifically for investors. 

Barcode Scanner

Since Quick Response Code (QR) scanning is fast becoming the fastest way to access applications and information for your smartphone, this app provides an easy-to-use QR scanner for your convenience.

Easy Uninstaller

Not only is installing apps a part of living with a smartphone, but removing the ones you don’t like is, too. This little app is much easier to use than the default App Manager that comes with the phone.


Social networking has changed the world. If you feel compelled to update your Facebook page several times a day like millions of other folks, this app will allow you to do just that. It will also  keep you informed of what your virtual friends are up to as well.


While there’s a basic Android app that allows you send text messages, those who text frequently will like this advanced text messaging app that dramatically simplifies and speeds up the process.


Protecting your smartphone from malware, spyware and viruses is just as important as protecting your PC. This app can help keep your investment secure and safe. Features allow you to back up your data online, update the app automatically and more


This simple app allows you to manage your personal budget much like you do your check register. Features allow for multiple bank accounts, recurring transactions, funds transfer and more to help you keep up with various aspects of tracking your money.
These are only a few of the thousands of Android applications available, but each one offers a valuable feature to help you make better use of your smartphone and better manage your life.