August Link Love

August is the laziest month in my part of the world and it’s no surprise there have been less posts on this blog this months. But the fellow bloggers don’t sleep – or at least not as much. They have provided a lot of interesting articles. Let’s check them out:

Connie at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity thinks that babies are expensive. Can you argue with her?

If the dropped prices of the houses are still too high for you, check out what does it cost to build a house yourself. Carl‘s blog have a lot of information about that as well.

Jeremy at FMF is giving Two Steps to Being a Millionaire and Retiring in Your 40’s. Easier said than done, but not impossible.

glblguy at Gather Little by Little has published a kind of tutorial about envelope budget method.

The Lazy Man is sharing ideas about making money on ebay. I have never tried to do business there so far, but maybe some day.

The Money Crashers have completed a list of The 5 Best Cars For College Students. May I add one suggestion for college students? Take the bus.

Pinyo at Moolanomy has a lovely article saying why and how to become a part time entrepreneur. He has collected a bunch of very good links along with the article.

Jonathan at My Money Blog has published a good interview with the balloon art entrepreneur Irina Patterson.

David at My Two Dollars offers 13 ways to save money and go green. There are few excellent tips inside.

Can public speaking be a source of alternative income? Of course, it can. Some make thousands per hour doing it.

Alan has posted a guide on starting an investment club at his money blog.

Trent at The Simple Dollar always has a ton of interesting articles. In my eyes the most important from the past month was The Big Debate #5: Chasing the Dreams or Chasing the Money?. What’s your choice in the debate?