Best Trading Systems Managed Forex Accounts

Best Trading Systems is a German managed accounts service. It is in some way related to FXFareast that I wrote you about a month or so ago. I signed LPOA for Alexander Kim, the trader of FXFareast, so this is how I know this.

The Best Trading Systems site is updated relatively regularly, but I have experienced some troubles getting reply to some of my email inquiries (well, I am often asking too much so that might be the reason).

There are two systems offered, both with only $5,000 minimum:

Orca with performance fee of 35% and 100% – 150% target yearly performance. So far they have achieved average 13% monthly since September 2006. (As of May 31st 2007)

Rusky has 40% performance fee and 100% – 120% yearly target. The broker used is GAIN Capital ( The performance so far is 12% monthly since February 2006 (As of May 31st 2007).

I should have more personal experience with them very soon.

If you don’t want or can’t invest $5,000 into a managed forex account right now, don’t forget there are other ways to profit from forex. My personal choice are the forex signals of TradeWindowFX