BGBR – Pump & Dump?

Long time ago, I signed up with on a website called daytradingrobot; a site who´s owner claims to send out stock picks which will skyrocket after he calls them. Today I got an email from him (Jason) about his stock pick of 2010 – a small company called Big Bear Mining Corp. featured on OTCBB as BGBR. I have never really followed any of these promotions before, but as I was in front of my screen the entire day today, I decided to follow BGBR on Think or Swim. After all, Jason from Daytradingrobot wrote the following “If BGBR does not triple in price over the next 4 weeks I will RETIRE as a stock picker.” This guy is promoting stuff all year round, and BGBR is his latest target. BGBR started out around 1.23 on my chart when the US session started and it took off rather quick all the way up close to 1.40 and then it started to drop back down. It closed close to 10% higher than where it started this morning. Now it will be interesting to see what happens over the next four week. Will “Jason” be able to send enough mails out, to get the stock price to triple in less than four weeks? I have a feeling this will be a tough challenge, but somehow I am pretty sure that the team behind daytradingrobot will keep sending their “stock picks”, no matter what happens to BGBR. Earlier today I read over at Tim Sykes blog, that he is looking for a possible short trade on BGBR. If you don’t know, these kinds of setups are exactly what Timothy Sykes is looking for. Just for the fun of it, I have pasted the disclaimer from daytradingrobot in below. This should make an alarm bell ring guys. If you would like to get started with Penny stock trading, and think that daytradingrobot will make you rich, take a couple of hours off and read everything over at

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