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Crowdfunding Site Review: Ideacious

This is the first crowdfunding opportunity review here. I believe crowdfunding is going to be big (it already is), so there will be more in the upcoming months. If you are not sure what crowdfunding is, this post should do good job to introduce you to it.

Ideacious is quite unusual crowdfunding site. Read on to learn what is it and how you can invest and get returns, or crowdfund your idea on it.

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Short Summary of Ideacious

Ideacious is a crowdfunding site that features real tangible products – in idea stage or already in production. Often these are designers items but sometimes innovative technical products. You can usually pre-order the products and support its creation, and from many of the products you can also make money.


How Does It Work For Investors

We can talk investing only when it comes about products in pre-order stage. If you believe that a product is going to be market success you can pre-order to help getting the product on the market. Then you’ll be getting percentage of the revenue of this product, sold through Ideacious, for the next 10 years! So not only you are getting something you believe is good, but you’ll also enjoy profits if your judgement was right.

You can secure your position with as little as $5 but to really invest, you’ll need to pay the full price of the product you have chosen. How much you can earn depends on the product price and how many units will be sold, and when exactly you have pre-ordered. You’ll see some examples later below but in any case it’s hard to predict a specific figure. Consider this a high risk – high reward venture.

How Does It Work For Entrepreneurs

I think this site is even more exciting if you are entrepreneur or even just an “active investor”. Ideacious is going to help you turn your idea into real ship-able product with the help of crowd-investors. Whether you are a producer who hires a team of engineer or stay at home mum who can come with an idea and draw it herself, you can use this venue to turn it into real business.

It’s all explained in more details on this page.

The Future Of Ideacious

I’m not affiliated with this site in any way. I just like the idea really a lot and hope it’s there to stay for a long time. At least because I know so many people with product ideas – now they’ll have no excuse not to try realizing them.

I’m sure a lot of the products will not see real production and there will be many disappointed investors as well. But if you pre-order early some very innovative product you can make a really big hit.

Few Promising Projects

Here are a couple products I think have good chance to be successful:

Brassé BBQ. I trust the potential of this product because it’s really an innovation and is not overpriced like many others. Another reason is that only 17 pre-orders are available at the time of writing this – 233 are already sold. The approximate earnings for the investor from 100,000 units sold will be $1,088 so in theory you could make 500% return without counting that you’ll have the cool product itself.

Yoke 33 is a high-quality and creative shelving system. I think the price is a bit steep but there are enough people who like to pay more to receive top quality shelves. The expected payout is $1,310 per 10,000 units sold.

I hope Ideacious will list a lot more products and will offer a lot more opportunities for investing in the upcoming years. Did you like some of the products?