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Discover Your Investment Style In 15 Minutes

If you wonder what kind of investments work well for you and suit your character the following quiz should clarify the doubts you have. You may have some fun with the quiz but take the results seriously – many people take wrong investment decisions (as shown in the poll results as well) because they don’t follow the investment style which is most appropriate for them.

What could make you leave your job tomorrow?

Winning some cash from the lottery
Being offered a better paid job
Good results from my own investments

If you want to start your own business how much money is enough to take the risk (besides the money you need for starting the business)?

I must be secured for 3-6 months at least
If I had the money to start right now, I would start it and make living from it
I must have money to live without income at least one year

What is the reason for your interest in finances and investment?

I want to be rich
I want to retire early
I want to avoid doing bad financial decisions

What’s the biggest financial mistake you make so far in your life?

I have missed opportunities to make money
I am scattering my resources within too many investments, projects or jobs
I am losing money due to wrong decisions

If you had the money to choose only one from the investment opportunities listed below, which one is it going to be?

Shares in well performing company
A promissing bet in a sports betting site
Funding a startup company

What is your shopping style?

I prefer quality things even if I have to buy on leasing
I am economical shopper and often buy wholesale
My shopping style is based on promotions, brand and advertisements

What’s your saving style?

I save money when I make some big deal
I save small amounts regularly
I don’t save, I am immediately investing everything so the money can work for me