February Link Love

Yet another month in which I saw what the quality of StumbleUpon traffic is. The visual guide How to live the life of your dreams made a lot of visits, especially on the first day it was stumbled. But most of these visitors come, read the article and just go. The social media traffic is not very useful (unless you get them on sales page, but that would be quite hard).

Ok, time for the most interesting personal finance posts from February:

wellheeled asks whether paying with credit card equals spending more money. My answer is yes, but see what others think.

Andy at Tight Fisted Miser plans to live on $10k a year. I can do it here (Bulgaria, East Europe), but what about you in your country?

Trent at The Simple Dollar shares interesting lessons he learned from his family tree.


The Silicon Valley Blogger shares ideas for dining under $10 and even under $1. We are just making dinner for 2 this evening costing $6, electricity included.

Worried about getting fired? The Rocket Finance can’t wait for this to happen.

Most financial problems are not related to real poverty. They come because people have supersized lifestyle. By David at Money Ning.

Madison at My Dollar Plan makes some money blogging and shares how.

Pinyo at Moolanomy explained in what is a reverse mortgage simple words.

Erik at Money Smart Life shows how to find freelance jobs. There are many more channels to be added to this.

Jeremy at Generation X Finance discusses what is it to be a part of the “gig economy”.

There’s a quick post on Free Money Finance giving some ideas to make money by growing stuff.

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity calculated that a penny saved is a penny and a third earned. Good, let’s go save some money.