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How College Students Can Manage Their Time: These 4+ Ideas

And Why Sometimes It’s Better To Miss a Class

Student’s time management is kind of special. You often have to combine very different type of activities – studying subjects that often don’t have much in common, possibly doing some sports, maybe even working (something that has nothing to do with your study) and oh well, going to parties. By any chance you may have some intimate life to fit in all this. Not quite easy! I’m not saying that working people have more relaxed schedule but most of them at least have activities that are more similar to each other.

What if you don’t care?

Failing to manage your time well in college typically leads to one or more of the following unpleasent outcomes:

  • Lack of sleep which leads to health problem, inability to concentrate, memory leaks and bad outlook.
  • Missing important classes which sometimes can be nearly fatal for your education.
  • Losing the extra income if you are working somewhere while studying.
  • Losing the scholarship because of bad grades.
  • Lack of private life because of studying and/or working all the time.

Quite horrifying outcomes, don’t you think. That’s why you have to care about your time management, even in collegue.

Here are some ideas how to do this:

Write a list of your activities

Probably you are still young and your memory is just fine but you have so many different activities to choose from. Write everything down – what you have to do and when you have to do it. Lower priority activities can be written in braces or in another color (if you write on the computer) so you know you can omit them in case of running out of time. Here is a list of task list software which can help you.

Don’t overestimate yourself and commit to doing too many things. The whole life is in front of you and after you finish education you are most likely to be very busy. So enjoy some free time while studying.


Learning it the first time

Many students procrastinate learning hard to understand material, do it in parts, or leave it for the last moment. This is a huge mistake. The more boring or hard a material looks the stronger effort you need to put to learn it right at the first time – later it will cost you a lot more time to do it.

It’s best to ask questions in class and seek the help from the lecturer or from mates while the subject is fresh in your head.

Find your best hours

While I was a student I had collegues which used to wake up very early before exam and study then. Seemed cool but this didn’t work for me as I am not an early morning person. My point is you shouldn’t follow someone’s else strategy for learning. If you feel most concentrated in 1 AM then use this time for studying rather than doing what someone else is suggesting.

Learn memory improvement techniques

While it takes extra time to do this, this is a time that pays back. You can start with simple brain exercises and then master more complex ones as it goes. It becomes much easier when you start. You can learn more about memory improvement techniques here.

Doing this will help you not only in collegue life – having good memory is a great advantage in busines and everyday life. It’s one of the best investments you can make while you study.

I focused only on the most important ideas as I didn’t want to lose your time with common-sense tips. You see I care for your time management too and have prioritized the knowledge in this article 😀 However if you want to read more have a look at these 57 tips for college students.

I’ll be glad to hear about your own unique time management strategies that work for you in college.