How To Earn More Around The Holidays

Each year the mass media is irradiating you with ideas what else to buy on the holidays and how to spend more money (how could you not love the TV). Some websites and blogs give some good advice how to save money instead of spending it, which is generally better. I want to share some ideas how to earn more on the holidays which hopefully is going to be even more useful. Let’s see what you can do:

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Take Some Extra Work Before The Holidays

Of course you can take extra work at any time, but the time right before holidays can be very rewarding. The simple reason is that most people are not willing to work too much at that time. They are already planning the celebrations and most would happily take a break earlier if there was someone to do their work. If you work in a company you could probably get good extra payment for working more hours right before the holidays. If you work for yourself or directly with clients, you may get more well paid purchases if you are willing to work hard when everyone else is pre-relaxing.

Work Exactly On The Holidays

If you badly need money, here is a harsher action to take – work exactly on Christmas night or New Year. No one wants to do that, even those whose jobs require it. If your business or job is especially important on the holiday, now it’s your time to make some good bucks.
[ad#normal-banner] I know it sucks to work when everyone is having fun, but is the timing really that important for you? Most probably not especially if you are a single or a couple with no kids.

Make A Holiday Sale

It’s no secret that the grocery stores make holiday promotions with the aim to sell more stuff. At that time of the year people are less strict to their money and are willing to spend it for items that are presented to them as hot deals. But why would only the stores offer this? Your products and services may also be packaged as hot holiday deal (really – even if you are selling your writing, programming, design or architecture skills). Offer discounts, different packaging, longer free support or anything that can make your stuff look festive.

This method works best if you own a business or sell your service directly on the markets – like a freelance professional for example. It would be unusual to offer a sale to your bosses in a regular company.

Help People Save Money

On the other side of the cake everyone tries to sell more around the holidays. Is that boring you? You are not alone – a lot of people hate the holiday shopping rush and would happily buy something that helps them save money from during it. It can be information, product or service – it doesn’t matter. Just present your stuff as saving money and make sure it actually helps people save – and voila, you will be making good money around the holidays.

Your solution could be a simple blog article on saving money on holidays shopping (that’s not going to make you rich, but may bring you some visitors and advertising income), a budget holiday trip package, a software helping people to organize their spends or why not economical holiday cake. You can do it regardless what business you are in.

Buy Assets

This isn’t an immediate way to make holiday money, but is one of the best long term. Maybe you are not desperate for cash right now or are not very keen on spending your money on holiday shopping, but many other people are. And as you know, the best time for buyers is when sellers are desperate (crisis 2008 and holidays 2008 – what a wonderful combination that could be?). Around the holidays you can buy cheap offline or web based business, property or anything else that makes money slowly over time. If you have the cash now, you are in excellent position to make wealth in the future.

There is nothing new in the idea to make more money on holidays- all those people who own bars and shops are doing it for year. Who knows why most other people assume they only have to spend. There is nothing wrong if you wish to have a break and enjoy, but hope in January you won’t complain that you haven’t had the chance to earn.