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How To Quit a Boring Job

Do you hate Monday? Do you count the hours to the end of the work day? If yes, most probably your job is boring. Why do you stay there? Is it really worth to hate what you are doing most of the time just to have some luxury? Wait, I know the answer. You have a family to feed, mortgage and bills to pay, car to fuel and so on.

Ok, it this case you can’t just quit your boring job today or tomorrow. Actually you can do it and try to make living by blogging. For this to happen you need to be remarkable, talented, very hard working, just lucky or plain unscrupulous. If you are not, don’t try to make living blogging.

Instead of that, you need take some slow and well thought steps to quit your boring job.

First you need to figure out what exactly is boring in your job. If you don’t know this how would you find the job or business that’s not going to bore you?

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You have to calculate the minimum amount you need to make monthly at your new field. It should cover your basic expenses and some more. You don’t need to make as much money as at the boring job although that can be very nice.

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Picking the right opportunity is hard. Do you prefer the false security of another job or would you try doing something on your own?

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Your new job or business needs to satisfy at least two very important criteria: to make enough money to fit your basic expenses, and some more, and then to lack the boring features of your current job.

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Even if you plan everything there are risks involved. You may end up broke or at least making less money than the minimum you have planned. Or you may end up making good money but be bored by your new work again. Are you bored enough by your current job to take the risks?

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Before quitting announce your decision to friends and relatives. Not to listen to their advice, but to make sure that there is no way back. Many of them may discourage you, may say you are crazy or plain dumb. This is a good way to test your determination.

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There will be hurdles on your new path. Accept them as a part of the game.

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If the things go wrong, you have less to worry. You will have quit a wrong job once and nothing will stop you to do it again.