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Importance of Time Management

Or Does It Really Make Sense To Read This Site

Why the heck are we building this site? Or maybe it’s better to ask why investing time in a site that talks about time management? Of course because time management is important. This is obvious and you know it, otherwise I doubt you would be here reading.

The web is full of articles rehashing the same few reasons why time is important – because it’s scarce, because it’s money, because time management helps you spend more time on important things and less time on unimportant ones. This very much sums it all.


Your Own Reasons


Rather than trying to get convinced by someone’s article, it’s better to know your own reasons to value time and the need to learn managing it better. You could be missing time to have fun and connect with your friends or relatives. Or maybe you don’t have enough time to work on your ideas and projects that can bring you money and grow a business.

Or you could need time management just because you are always late for appointments and missing deadlines.

Knowing your own reasons is important because depending on them you will choose which time management skills and strategies to focus on. People who want to have more efficient time for working may need to focus more on prioritization and using time management tools. People who do well at work but never can stop working probably need to learn strategies of unplugging and taking rest.

The Benefits

The benefits of saving time are huge – even bigger than the benefits of saving money. While you can earn practically limitless amount of money, the time you have on this world is not as extendible. Perhaps you can win few years by living a healthy life but you can’t do much beyond that, at least for now. But if we break down the benefits of time management they can become clearer than just “saving time”:

  • Less stress. One of the primary sources of stress is lack of time and inability to organize everyday tasks. Time management can help and reduce the stress.
  • More money. Obviously if you organize your time better you have the chance to work more efficient and make more money.
  • More fun. By having more time and being less stressed you can have more fun.
  • Better health. Less stress + more money + more fun = better health.
  • Better relationships and family life. Is there anyone whose romantic life never suffered because of lack of time? I doubt so.
  • More opportunities to grow.

I’m sure you can add some yourself. Time management is important because of these reasons and not because of some abstract concept that you must manage your time. These are real life benefits which should urge you to start thinking about your time right now. And after thinking to start some action.

Don’t allow however time management to turn into your fix-idea. If every minute of your day you think how you could spend this minute better you will just become more stressed and less efficient. After you put the conscious effort to learn a time management technique or a tool it should become an unconscious habit that no longer engages your mind. As much as time management is important, living a happy and fulfilling life is even more important, so don’t turn into time management freak.