Insuring Historic Cars is a Classic Investment

Rarely seen on the road, classically crafted and utterly beautiful, the historic car is representative of something much bigger than an investment and is the pride and joy to any owner. Those lucky enough to own a piece of antique automotive art will know that car insurance is an important purchase and necessary to the protection of it. Car insurance is tailor-made to both the owner and car as these insurance brokers understand that a special car deserves a special insurance policy.

It is often the case that a vast amount of money has been spent on buying a historic car so it seems logical that car insurance be purchased to protect it from any damage. In years gone by, the largest number of insurance claims on historic vehicles has come from either theft or fire. Evidently, these are two of the most obvious reasons for needing car insurance along with damage in traffic accidents.

Various factors are taken into account when quoting a price on car insurance. With over 30 years experience in arranging policies, the insurance broker company understands the particular needs that historic car owners have and would need from their car insurance.
The competition for car insurance companies is fierce which is why knowledge and research are essential. For those with a homeowner’s insurance policy, the chances are that historic cars will be covered to a certain extent. Considering the amount spent on a historic car, it is usually worthwhile to insure it with a policy which will protect it fully, along with the garage it is stored in to ensure your investment is covered entirely.

By implementing a few security measures, car owners can keep the cost of their insurance policy at a minimum. The installation of fire and burglar alarms for obvious reasons as well as climate control systems which monitor temperature and humidity are ideal for historic car owners looking for a low-cost car insurance policy.

For those who own a historic car, insurance is a necessity. Car owners contemplating leaving their historic cars unprotected should not take the risk. Most car insurance companies now adapt their insurance policies for historic cars so that they can guarantee great cover at competitive rates.