Investment Calculator For Bloggers And Investors

Many times I write about various investment opportunities or about how regular saving can impact your financial life I feel the need to illustrate it. So we came up here with a handy investment calculator which lets you play with the numbers and see the magic of compounding in action.

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I know many other bloggers have similar needs so I won’t keep this work for myself. There is investment calculator WordPress plugin that you can download for free and install on your blog. Its usage is as simple as including one special tag in your blog. It can be embedded in a post or page.

Besides the handy opportunity to illustrate your theories on your blog, the investment calculator will help you have more visitors returning back to it.

The Power of Compounding

Just go to the calculator and insert your number to see how your financial situation can change if you invest regularly. See for example what could happen if you can build a portfolio with an achievable annual return of 15% and you invest only $5,000 in it during 25 years.

The current economy crisis made most of us avoid stocks and think mostly about frugality, but don’t forget that the power of compounding always work. Find a way to invest even during the tough times.