January Link Love – Many Recession Posts

Few links that deserve your attention from the past month. In December I ignored the recession, but in January there were some really good ones:

Jim at Blueprint For Financial Prosperity suggests that you should not worry for the stock market, but invest in family. And yourself, I would add.

Patrick at Cash Money Life gives one simple to follow and efficient advice – save money and the nature with reusable shopping bags. We usually do it.

Jeremy at Generation X Finance explores an interesting angle of the recession – more people learn how to cook.

In the beginning of the month The Lazy Man shared his ideas about how to be successful in the new year. Most of the suggestions look reasonable to me.

Him at Make Love, Not Debt has another interesting question – does recession equal romance? I personally would prefer romance without recession, but we can never be 100% happy, can we?

Being a DYI fan, I enjoyed Madison’s post at My Dollar Plan: 16 Ways To Do It Yourself.

David at My Two Dollars is not a consumer, but a person. How about you?

David at MoneyNing gives the secret of dealing with the financial crisis.

Here is one provocative post from Rocket Finance: he believes that Paris Hilton will create more jobs than Obama. Do you agree?

A guest blogger at The Digerati Life explains how trading stocks can make you poor. Unfortunately many already know that by own experience.

Trent at The Simple Dollar has a lot of great posts as usually. I had to pick just one, so it’s this one.

Jeremy Day at Insight Writer published an excellent post How To Create Outstanding Value.