Jason Fielder is selling another 200 Triad Formula copies

I have no idea if this product is worth the price or not, but there sure has been a lot of buzz around it! Emails about the Triad Formula from Jason Fielder have been filling my inbox for some days now. In the first run, Jason and his team had a total of four webinars to answer people’s questions about Triad Formula. Something close to a 1000 copies were sold, and they shut the doors. Now I just got a mail from Jason Fielder, telling me that they have close to another 1000 people on the waiting list, so they have decided to re-open, for another round of selling. This time, they will be selling 200 copies and that’s it. No more selling ever.

Well, as you can see, these people sure know how to commercialize a product. Will there never be any more selling of the Triad Formula? Well maybe they are telling the truth, but my guess it that this is just another marketing stunt. Anyway, for a price this high, the Triad Formula better be good! If you have bought it, please share your experience. I am sure there is lot of people who would like to hear some honest reviews before they buy it. If you do buy it, know that you have the option to get you money back if you don’t like what you get. I am sure I will get a few email more about this lunch throughout the day, so I will keep you guys posted on any interesting news.