July Link Love

Here are the posts from around the blogosphere that I think deserve most of your attention.

Tricia @ Blogging Away Debt suggests that you should let your kids make money mistakes. Trying to guard them too much doesn’t help in other areas of life either.

Jim @ Blueprint For Financial Prosperity gives five good reasons to start your own garden. We are on our way to do that, what about you?

Trent at The Simple Dollar shares good thoughts on The Value (and Cost) of Experiences.

You may want to check out my guest post at Cash Money Life. I am trying to figure out the remarkable approach to your finances. Patrick himself has published a great How to Become A Millionaire article series.

The DINKs have shared few good ideas for Inexpensive Organic Alternatives.

FMF asks Would You Like a Four-Day Work Week?. The post is from the beginning of the month, but you can still comment if you have something else to say.

Jeremy @ Generation X Finance warns about the Top 12 Money Mistakes Most People Make. Do you make some of them too?

I have one unfinished post about biotechnology investing sitting in drafts. I believe this is a very profitable niche. Henry @ Money Smart Life has been quicker than me and posted A Beginner’s Guide to Biotechnology Investments.

Pinyo @ Moolanomy has always been a great promoter of the idea to build streams of alternative income. Now he even suggests that this is the career of the future.

If you read the my article about India you may already think about riding a bike. David @ My Two Dollars thinks about applying the same strategy in USA.

Do you dream about passive income? David @ MoneyNing gives an intro to it and a lot more. That’s indeed a good summary.

And what can I say about Punny Money except that he’s always extraordinarily cool: Five Incredibly Stupid Ways People Are Trying To Save Money on Gas. Don’t ever think about skipping his blog.

There is a lovely guest post on Stop Buying Crap: Four Things That Are Crap. May I add some?

Another guest blog that deserves attention is published on The Difgerati LifeThe Cost of Being Overweight. If you wonder if this relates to you, try checking with this overweight calculator.

And finally I want to finish with a must read article by Steve PavlinaWhat I Learned From Going Bankrupt in My 20s That Proves to Be Immensely Valuable in My 30s.