June Link Love – What Other Bloggers Have To Say

Another hot month is gone – let’s see what are the must-read posts within the financial blogs during that time.

Trent at The Simple Dollar warns about the problems that addiction causes to personal finance.

The Silicon Valley Blogger suggests how to increase the value of your home.

Along the same lines goes Lazy Man And Money asking Have You Decided To Be Rich?

There is a good guest post on Generation X Finance – The Connection Between Your Brain and Credit Card Debt. No, I am not sending you to my guest post there *grin*

Cap at Stop Buying Crap has published 13 Quick Consumer Tips to be a Rockstar Consumer.

Punny Money is always creative, and sometimes also provocative: Having a second child may be the worst thing you do to your first. Disputes, anyone?

Many finance bloggers write so much about saving and frugality that we are about to forget that A Dollar Saved is Two Dollars Earned but Two Dollars Earned is Twenty Dollars Saved. Thanks to MoneyNing for reminding us.

David at My Two Dollars has an excellent list of the New Study: 10 Best Cities To Live, Work & Play In

My Money Blog calculates the savings you can make if you take roommates. Of the emotional savings or extra costs can’t be calculated so easy.

What Ben from Money Smart Life wrote needs no comments: Stop Whining & Start Making Some Money.

Are you pissed of by bloggers telling you to save money by eating less out? Free Money Finance has a better solution – How to Save Money When Eating Out

If you think about making money with blog, see what The DINKs have to say about that.

The Clever Dude is really clever sometimes (or is he always just like that?) – he saved $1,400 per year with one call to the insurance company.

Patrick at Cash Money Life has good Financial Advice for the High School Graduate.

Finally, Jim from Blueprint For Financial Prosperity has a cool list of 10 Frugal Hobbies

Oh and before I forget – if you want to understand how to be a millionaire, use our investment calculator. If you are a blogger, you can have it on your blog too, because it’s a free WordPress plugin.