Low Charges For E-Gold and E-bullion Ecurrency Exchange

GoldExchange.EU is an European e-gold and e-bullion exchange service. It started operation in April 2007 with low rates and fast service. I have used them more than 20 times and exchanged several thousands dollars worth of ecurrencies successfully. The only concern I could have with them is the fact they are very new. However the very low fees allow me to send small amounts at one time without paying bank taxes.

Buying Ecurrency

GoldExchange.EU sells ecurrencies for bank wire. The steps you need to perform are simple:

  1. Fill the Buy e-currency form on the site.
  2. Send the wire to the given bank details
  3. Receive ecurrency straight to your e-gold or e-bullion account

The fees for buying ecurrency are 1.9% with 3.50 EUR set as minimum. There are no bank fees upon receipt.

Selling Ecurrency

You can sell your e-gold or e-bullion to GoldExchange.EU in three ways:

  • Selling for bank wire. This is the best method to out-exchange your e-currency especially if you live in the European Union. There are no bank fees for EU citizens so all you need to pay is 1.9% fee for e-bullion and 3.5% for e-gold. For international clients there is additional $20 bank fee.
  • Selling for PayPay. PayPay is a Paypal-like service especially popular in Czech republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. It can be used from any other country with international bank transfers.
  • Selling for Company Check. This option is available only for US customers and there are no other fees except the 3.5% fee.

The Service

My impressions about GoldExchange.EU‘s service are very good. Usually the buy/sell orders are executed in a matter of several hours. As I am in EU, I usually get my wires for 3 business days.

In case of trouble their support is highly responsive and friendly. There is ICQ, Skype and Phone in case you need instant contact, but their email responses are almost instant in the EU day hours anyway.

Any troubles?

So far none. The service is working great and always on time. I wish they could offer debit cards too. The international clients should be wary of eventual extra charges applied from intermediate banks.

GoldExchange.EU is still a relatively new service so I hope we can expect future developments from them.