Managed Trading Accounts News And Updates

It’s been few weeks since the last update on the managed trading accounts I am watching or using. If you consider joining some of them, have a look below and see if some of the information is important and can make up or change your mind.

FXFarEast firstly reviewed in October last year totally stopped showing their past performance. I have inquired them and hope to get a response soon (I’ll update this post then).

FXCM managed forex whose minimum was $1,000 is now accepting no less than $5,000. They had a third negative month in a row and the biggest drawdown so far – -7.90% in the Sentiment program and -15.70% in Sentiment aggressive. Painful, no doubts.

Best Trading Systems managed forex accounts, known as Orca and Rusky have their site non functional for several months. Their email is also not reachable which makes me think this service is gone down the roads.

At the time I reviewed DEV I was not yet sure if it’s any good, but I am getting more and more convinced it is. Besides that it’s results are updated regularly, it’s a service which seems to have a sound and sustainable trading strategy. Their months are all positive and the February result is 5.66%.

Not everything is forex. Schwab’s Market Neutral Option Writing Strategy still accepts $10,000 minimum. The last year they closed at great profits of 40.39% (for just five months), but January 2008 hit 21.28% loss. February is better with gain of 7.35%.

Milbay Finance which was picked in January is still doing fine and achieved 3.08% in February. The ROI for 2008 so far is 3.85%. The minimum is still $5,000 which si pretty cool for such a careful trading service.

And finally, after the horrible January GalleonFX made wonderful February with 16.8% profit in my Euro PAMM account. Galleon keeps kicking in March and the minimum is temporary only $2,000, so now is the best time for you to join if you have not done that yet. Full and a bit dated review of GalleonFX is available here.

That’s all from me now, if you have in mind other managed trading accounts and want to see them reviewed and tracked, don’t be shy, let me hear you.