May Link Love (Selected Investment Links)

Ok, here is what I found to be best in the last month in the personal finance blogs I read. By the way I am open to hear about a new blog if you want to share. Just hit the comment and let me know.

One of the best articles as usually comes from The Simple Dollar – he has a very original list of 24 ways to save money.

The bloggers keep being quite frugal in the last few months, probably due to the recession. The Silicon Valley Blogger suggested 8 simple ways to save a thousand bucks.

Punny Money is always funny, so check his The Five Stages of a Product’s Life: Saving You Money on Replacing Expensive Household Items.

And before the idea to save money obsess you, check the article on My Dollar Plan the frugal things that she won’t do.

David at MyTwoDollars explains How Do Credit Card Companies Charge Interest on Your Balance

Money Smart Life has excellent tips on preventing identity theft – make sure to check them.

Money Crashes explain how to use a Calculator For How Much House You Can Afford.

Lazy Man has written a good post exploring the future of personal finance tools.

People write so much on frugality that they forget the most important thing in finance. Tisha Kulak reminds about it – Invest – Don’t Splurge Inheritance Money.

Generation X Finance made a good investigation on the past 10 years investing in the stock market.

Don’t worry about the recession – it has benefits too

The DINKs ask: When To Borrow Against Your Home?

If you want to learn more about the stock market investing, Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has build a nice resource list.

If you are under 30, Accumulating Money suggests what to do before reaching that age.

At the end, if you are a blogger or affiliate marketer you may find the short URL service from my friend Benson useful.