No, GalleonFX Is Not Scam

But yes, the trading results are very volatile.

People constantly come to this blog searching for words and phrases like the ones on the screenshot below:

galleonfx fraud scam, galleon scam

So I wanted to post this bit and make it clear that GalleonFX managed forex account is not a scam. The results posted on their sites are real and I am able to verify this because I have an active account with them.


The trading is really very voilatile. At the end of 2007 my account was up with 44% for about six months.

Now, at Jan 12th, the draw down for two weeks is close to 40% and my account is in about 10% loss.

I know the things will most probably improve to the end of the month, but anyway you should have healthy nerves if you want to invest in GalleonFX.

I plan to change my strategy with them. I’ll add more funds at the lower times and withdraw 50% of the profits in each profitable month. Because with such volatile results investing the minimum and hoping to compound doesn’t make much sense. Later I’ll write more about this non-compounding strategy and why it is good with some high risk investments.