November Link Love – No Recession Posts

Most of the bloggers (including me) in the last month were discussing the recession in one or another way. I am a bit tired of talking about it – with or without our talks the recession is here and we have to deal with it. So I have decided to select the best posts of November that don’t directly discuss the crisis. Here you go:

Steve Olson is not exactly a PF blogger, but his wife has a post that I want to share with you, because it really contains very useful insights – Want to Start a Small Business on the Internet? The Myths and the Reality.

Trent at The Simple Dollar asks a very good question – Is Debt Necessary For Generating Income?. He has also reviewed the first book by Steve Pavlina, it’s a great review and book to check.

David at MomeyNing is warning about 8 Bad Things You Are Teaching Your Kids About Money.

Pinyo at Moolanomy is giving 7 Ideas To Turbo Charge Your Career Toda.

Money Crashers also talk about job and career – 10 Reasons Why You Are Still At The Job You Hate.

You’ve certainly heard the mantra to pay yourself first. Well, Jamie at Paid Twice is giving Five Concrete Ways To Pay Yourself First.

Gather Little By Little has a cool frugal idea – you can move to a rural area.

The Clever Dude wrote a nice post about Toronto’s Smallest House.

Patrick at Cash Money Life muses about the alternative income importance.

Jim at Blueprint For Financial Prosperity shares 5 things he wish he knew when he graduated. How many are the things you wish you knew?