October Link Love

I’ve not written much the last month for the reason I haven’t much interesting ideas to share. I don’t like posting just for the sake of it and regardless the loss of traffic, I prefer not to do it. With so many personal finance bloggers however, there are enough who had interesting things to say in October, so here are they selected for you. Who said that I don’t value your time?

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has compiled a cool list of 50 Financial Skills Every Person Needs To Know.

Patrick at Cash Money Life just wrote a killer post about Applying National Security Measures to Your Personal Finances.

Jaime at Paid Twice asks an interesting question: Is The Economy Affecting Your Mentality?

Pinyo at Moolanomy gives 7 Ideas To Turbo Charge Your Career Today.

Yet another excellent list: Cap at Stop Buying Crap offers 10 Simple Ways to Feel Rich Without Materialistic Means.

Jacques at The Digerati Life looks for the positive and shows How To Run A Small Business In Time Of Crisis.

Here is another interesting guide, this time from Trent at The Simple Dollar: How to Plan Ahead for Next Week’s Meals (And Save Significant Money): A Step-By-Step Guide.

There are not much entries this time. If you have published something great and it’s not here, I’d like to hear!