Quick Trade From Jason Fielder – Only 105 Minutes

I just got an email from Jason Fielder as a part of his promotion for Triad Formula 2.0. This was really cracking me up. The email reads:

I just posted a video of a “Squish-Squash” trade I did yesterday that snagged 22 pips faster than a dog raises his hind leg.

Alright, so I clicked the link to watch the video and to my surprise the video is 105 minutes long; close to two hours! Now I don’t have a problem staying in a trade that long to make profit, but when Jason is stating in the email: “snagged 22 pips faster than a dog raises his hind leg.” then I was expecting him to get in and out within seconds, and not two hours. In addition to this, there is a total of nine comments below the video and to me this seems like “paid comments” and not from people actually having some kind of interest in the product being sold. This is a cheesy way of making a blog post of page look popular. I am not stating that this is what they are doing; I just think it looks that way. Anyway, I am not going to grab a copy of Trial Formula 2.0 due to a couple of reasons mentioned in the blog post I wrote the other day, I simply wanted to share this as I always think it is fun to see what these guys have up their sleeves.