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Reputable Managed Forex Account With $1,000 Minimum (But Not Very Hot)

Did you try TradeWindowFX already? Their deal seem to be quite good, if you are willing to trade yourself.

But in this email I want to talk to you about a low entry level Managed Forex Account. Like the subject of this email says, it is reputable but not very hot. Then why am I sending this to you? It’s still much better than banks and will be very suitable for you if you are looking for moderate level of risk.

And especially if you have limited funds to invest. The minimum is only $1,000.

The best thing is that the managed accounts service is offered by the really reputable forex broker FXCM.com. You can be 100% sure that the results they show are not fake (and who would fake such results anyway?).

Now, let me tell you about what exactly they offer. This is not very exciting, but I think it may be good enough for your portfolio, depending on your targets.

Here is the link to their managed fund programs:


– The EUROPEAN CURRENCY FUND marked as “High Risk” performs very poorly and has pretty short back results. Not worth it in my opinion.

– The SENTIMENT FUND looks better and has “Medium Risk” level. Except this year the performace is not very impressive. (In fact not impressive at all). 10% – 15% per year. It’s good that it has long trading history though.

– The SENTIMENT AGGRESSIVE FUND is where I plan to place a spend. It’s traded exactly the same way like the SENTIMENT FUND, but with doubled leverage. This means we can hope for 30% per year. Now that’s below my targets, but I think putting $1,000 there won’t hurt me long term. Considering the long trading history of the SENTIMENT FUND we can be relatively sure they won’t lose our money.

It sounds good for a large investment too, in case you have millions.

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