September Link Love

The financial situation all over the world doesn’t seem to bright, but that doesn’t kill the optimism of the personal finance bloggers. Maybe because your own wealth depends more on yourself than on anything else. Maybe because we just like to believe so.

Tricia @ Blogging Away Debt has published some interesting thoughts about the other costs of making homemade food. With the everyday increasing energy prices will it become cheaper to buy ready food?

On the contrary Jim @ Blueprint For Financial Prosperity has discovered that home grown vegetables taste better.

Few weeks ago Patrick @ Cash Money Life asked an interesting question: Is Frugality a Way of Life, a Game, or a Necessity?

Trent @ The Simple Dollar reminds that some alternative income methods don’t make sense. That’s just one of the many excellent articles Trent had on his blog this month.

The Silicon Valley Blogger has a suggestion where to put your money when the stock market tanks.

Nick @ Punny Money didn’t answer my interview request, but that’s not making him less interesting. He now suggests to build a giant anti hurricane wall.

David @ MoneyNing has discovered that people end up paying more when better options are available. It’s good to think about this.

Since the winter is coming David @ My Two Dollars is just on time with his 10 ways to save money on heating bills.

Are you seeing your full income potential? Pinyo @ Moolanomy can help you do it.

Ben @ Money Smart Life muses over quitting your job and becoming a better employee.

Do you want a six figure job? Free Money Finance has reviewed some options.

The Lazy Man has three ridiculous and stupid ideas that save you money. The ideas are really crazy, but some may like them.

Jeremy @ Generation X Finance has few insights about investing. Yes, I know you know them, but are you doing something about that?

Steve Pavlina has an inspiring post about raising your financial vibration. Requires careful reading and open mind like most of his articles.

And finally, check out Francois‘ post about the butterfly effect. It’s good to think about how the small things can make a big change.