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Trading Club And Managed Accounts By Betting Academy

Betting Academy offers horse racing and football betting systems. Most investors won’t be so interested in that however, because following those systems require good amount of time and commitment. Assuming you are busy like me andnot interested in spending much time to earn money, I’d pay attention only to the passive investment opportunities they offer.

Invest in horse racing
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The Trading Club

I would call this a “betting club”, but since they have another service with such name, they have called it a trading club. This club provides exactly what people like you are probably searching for – investment in horse racing without the need to place the trades yourself.

The size of the investment in this club is fixed to GBP 2,000 and this will be locked for 4 months. They club keeps 5% commission on all winning trades plus fixed fee of GBP 47 each month.

Unfortunately I could not find public information about their trading club performance.

The Betting Club

This is a different service which is similar to the managed forex accounts we discuss here often. But of course, it’s quite different too. There is GBP 50 monthly fee, which gives you access to their advisory service. Additional investment of GBP 1,000 minimum and GBP 2,500 maximum will make you a managed account owner. Now here the things become more interesting, they’ll let you withdraw your profits only after you reach GBP 2,500, so you may want to consider this as an effective minimum.

In this service however they mention past performance based on which accumulated investment of GBP 10,000 (which is the maximum) can bring you GBP 20,000 – GBP 40,000 in profits per year. This is mostly the thing that caught my attention when reviewing this service.

Further investigation of Betting Academy is definitely required, but it looks like a very sweet opportunity to me. They accept Credit Cards so fraud risk seems minimal, if any.

If you have an experience with them or any other managed betting service, please share.