Update On Several Managed Forex Accounts

The holidays are coming and it’s a good time to check out how some of the promising managed forex accounts are doing recently. There are about 7-8 services I either follow close or have already invested in. For most of them you have already read reviews or picks on this site, others will be reviewed soon.

If you plan to start the New Year with a good aggressive investment, keep reading how these services are performing.

GalleonFX (read GalleonFX review) as usual had some ups and downs, but at the moment the profit for December is about 8.5%. Not bad in my book. The promotions are over and the minimum is now again $10,000.

FX FarEast (read FX Far East Pick) has not been updated after the flat October. The minimum remains $5,000 as far as I know.

FXCM Sentiment Fund (Read FXCM Sentiment Fund Pick) no longer accepts $1,000 deposits. The minimum investment is now $5,000. The ROI of the Sentiment Fund for November is 5.21% and the ROI of Sentiment Aggressive Fund is 9.77%. Well done, too bad I missed the 1k deal.

Best Trading Systems (Read Best Trading Systems Pick) have not mailed any update about Orca or Rusky since September. Their site is currently not working. How do these people do business at all?

DEV Managed Forex (Read DEV Managed Forex Pick) made 10% profit for November. Managed Forex Pro Blog reported another 3-4% up for December so far. With this and the $5,000 minimum, DEV remains one of the very good choices for me.

FXstreet Managed Forex Account (Stay tuned for a review soon) made 5.64% for November. Year-to-date ROI is 42.44%. The minimum for this service is only $2,500. Who said there are no good managed accounts for the small investor?

Zurich-1 (Not yet reviewed, stay tuned) is a very promissing managed forex service which I follow for months. November has been up 8.12%, and December to date is +3%-4%. This service accepts $10,000 minimum.

In addition to the ones above, I am considering at least 10 another managed forex (and not only forex) accounts. You will read reviews and picks about them soon. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss some good opportunity.

Do you know about any other managed accounts which may be promising? If so, please share.