5 years ago investing89Jake

What Are The 5 Best Tax Heavens In Europe

Everyone knows Belize, Panama etc as places for registering offshore companies. They are cool for doing such business. In fact they are pretty cool for gray business because a lot of investment scams are based there. But that’s another topic.

What should you do if you are in Europe however? Sure, you can register your offshore business over the internet in Belize and never really visit it. I would prefer a location closer to me though. Apparently, there are offshore accounts available in Europe. So, here are they:


Gibraltar is one of the best places. Incorporation can be done in about two weeks, there is no minimum share capital, and no limit of maximum capitalization. And you can have your privacy protected because there is no requirement to reveal the business owner identity.


Luxemburg is not the typical tax heaven but it has many advantages over others. It’s easily reachable from all parts of Europe and pretty safe place that you can visit. There is no tax on bank interest, capital or investment gains. Maybe this isn’t suitable destination for just any business, however passive investors can benefit of it.


This is another small and easily reachable country. The best part here is that Andorra has no personal income tax. Also, consider the fact that it’s one of the “uncooperative tax heavens” an advantage. Why? Because they won’t share your private financial information even if requested by authorities.


Switzerland is widely known as area where banks respect privacy at any cost. It’s not a surprise that many of the world’s celebrities keep their money in Swiss bank accounts! On top of secrecy and respected privacy there is no tax on money saved.


Cyprus is famous for its low corporate tax – just 10%. Offshore companies based in Cyprus need not to pay any withholding tax, and the state imposes no capital gains tax.

Consider any of these tax heavens even if you don’t live in Europe. They are probably far more secure than tax heavens based in countries with high crime level like some in Central America.