Where Whould You Focus For High Yield Returns?

Before going further with searching for specific investment opportunities I want to outline the main things you should look at.

Now, let me be clear, my approach to investing has always been to leverage time, skills and money for greater results. Saying this, you don’t see me buying 10 big fat books on Fibonachi Trading and losing sleep watching currency pairs, do you?

My goal is to hunt for opportunities which can either give you passive income or give you great help and a “leading hand” in your own trading or other investing activities.

You want to work smarter and not harder, so here are the main areas where you should concentrate:

– Completely passive investment schemes. Such are mutual funds, hedge funds, any private investment clubs or managed trading accounts. Now, we all know in theory this is the best we could do. Just put your money somewhere and let them work for you while you are on the beach.

While there are thousands of such completely passive investments, a very small percentage of them work well and achieve really high yield returns. Not to mention that you can’t control the risk levels they undertake.

You of course will be notified each time when I find such an offer, but we can’t rely entirely on third parties to build our wealth. Considering this, you should also be informed about companies and individuals who can help you trade on the financial markets yourself. These are:

– Trading and investment signals and alerts. For example forex signals, mutual funds alerts, stock chat rooms etc. These are services which tell you where to buy and sell a stock or currency pair, what position to open on commodity market etc.

The disadvantage of these systems is that they still require actions on your part – you’ll have to perform the buy/sell action on your PC yourself. But it is still great that you can leverage on someone else’s knowledge and informed decisions rather than trying to do everything on your own.

Some of these systems will even allow you to set up a software and follow the signals automatically. Such offers are very close to a managed trading account, because they don’t require your physical presence.

And finally, you may want also to try your skills into trading and investing entirely on your own. Of course you can start from the zero, reading books, training and all that. But think about it, doing this you are just creating another job for yourself. And what is worse, this job does not offer guaranteed salary. That’s why I’ll cover self trading only from the viewpoint of the “shark” investor again.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can use ready systems, softwares and knowledge? If you have to spend few hundreds books for a developed system or develop your own for a couple of years, which one do you prefer? Let’s not forget we are looking for leverage here. So here we go onto the third main focus point:

– Various trading systems, softwares, formulas etc. The less work on your side is required, the higher interest you should have to any of these.

Enough chill talk. The next time I’ll start shooting picks, I promise 🙂

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