Financial Newsletter Aiming For 10% Monthly – Condor Options

This pick is here thanks to our mate Jerome who mentioned it in my post about Getfolio.

Condor Options is not a managed account or other kind of investment program where you send your money and wait to be traded.

What Condor Options offers is similar to the trading signal services. They send alerts on trading indexes by their Iron Condors strategy. The company claims that you need no more than 10 minutes per week, so it is almost a passive investment. There is even an auto trading option which makes it entirely passive.

The target return on investment is 10% monthly and their performance record really show impressive results except that in some months there are huge losses.

There is no recommended minimum account size, but the guess is that you need $5,000 or more if you want to achieve good ROI after the broker commissions and subscription fees.

The fees are from $139 monthly to $1,339 yearly. It’s not cheap but if it delivers the promised results, I would pay the subscription without worries.

If by any chance you have tried the service, please do let us all know.